January 23, 2005

NetCorps is now providing the "technology of list enhancement" for nonprofits in NC. I have't worked directly with them but they do good work (in Durham, NC and in Oregon). They have worked with folks at Volunteers for Youth that we are beginning a project with.

If you are interested in nonprofit technology, check out NetCorps LEAP —

From their site, about one of their services:

Membership lists of partnering groups are "enhanced" by appending demographic information, gathered from publicly available voter registration files, to each person's name on the list. This information includes age, ethnicity, gender, congressional and legislative district data, and how many times their members have voted in the last four elections. Strength Through Collaboration LEAP organizations have used their list enhancements internally to help with fund raising, anti-racism work, neighborhood organizing, and collaborative efforts. By bringing together justice-oriented organizations with different backgrounds, diverse approaches to organizing and an array of issue foci, LEAP serves as a platform for statewide collaborative efforts planned and implemented by partnering organizations.