Add A Simple Slideshow To Your Webpage

February 17, 2005

If you need to easily display slideshows online, there are a couple of options that I have recently run across. The simplest, though not as sophisticated, process is to use a site called Flickr, which was recently acquired by Yahoo! and can be a lot of fun. You just upload your pictures and folks can link to them to form online picture-sharing communities. The best feature is that it can export to your blog or website, though the format is not as customizable as I'd like.

The second, more complicated, option, is to go with javascript. For our purposes here, we'll assume you don't want to write a bunch of javascript yourself. Instead, BarleyFitz studio will take care of that. Just go there and upload your pictures on their site, and you'll get very straightforward instructions for inserting the resulting code in your site. Customization can make it look especially good (here's a fantastic example posted to a recent css forum. The fade in is especially nice). I have used BarleyFitz's javascript in some forprofit work with greta success, but is rather convoluted javascript in use, so be ready to sit down with it for a while if you want it to look really nice.

This type of slideshow would be good for nonprofits that need a way to showcase their activities on the web. There are other, more expensive solutions, but they are often overdesigned (with noises and animations at every click of the mouse).