(Nearly) Free Software for 501(c)3's

May 28, 2005

Techsoup just announced that they have Symantec Antivirus with multiple user licenses for under $100. (Single user licenses start at $100.) If you haven't priced antivirus software, well, that's a bad sign. Unless your'e on a Mac, but that's a different post.

Bottom line is that you shouldn't be paying anything near full price for software if you have 501(c)3 status to flash. Check out the other stuff they have, most notably Alpha 5 (PC Magazines "best database" of the year), Macromedia Contribute 3 (excellent cheap way to run your website) and Dreamweaver (great web development environment). They also have Microsoft and Cisco software for a pittance.

Check it out under the Techsoup Stock tab at the top of their page: TechSoup - The Technology Place for Nonprofits: "