Blogger Handbook Chat

September 23, 2005

As a follow up to the previous post (see just below this one) please be 'ware that Global Voices is hosting an online (IRC) discussion of the handbook on Tuesday at 15:00 GMT (that's 11:00 AM, New York time).

New to IRC chatting? It's simple. Here's instructions from the ground up: RSF-blogger-handbook

1. Download & install an IRC client for your computer. This is the program that will let you access IRC, just like a web browser is the program that lets you access web pages. Here are links to IRC clients for Windows users and for Mac users. (I use Chatzilla, which works easily as a plugin with Mozilla Firefox browsers. Download it here.)

  1. Connect to How exactly you do this will depend on which client you install, but you should be able to find support pages online for any good client program.(In Chatzilla, all you do is type irc:// into your Firefox browswer window - but this only works after you’ve downloaded the Chatzilla plugin.)

3. Once you are connected to, create a username for yourself. This will identify you to the other people in the IRC channels you join.

4. Join the channel “globalvoices” - again, how you do this will depent on which client you’re using.(In chatzilla, all you need to do is type irc:// into your Firefox browser window.)

5. Once you’ve joined the channel, you’ll be able to see everything anyone else in that channel says, and you can say things to the rest of the channel.

For more resources see this IRC tutorial and the Freenode info page.