ICT4D Africa Scan: An Inventory of ICT Activity in Africa

November 23, 2005

The ICT4D (Informaiton and Communication Technology for Development) Africa Scan is a serious undertaking that seeks to provide a reference of the major ICT development activities in Africa.

This is a useful place for researchers to begin when attempting to understand the current pace and direction of technology development work on the continent.

People Using a computerThe purpose of this pilot is to experiment with a different way of presenting "who is doing what" in the area of ICT for Development (ICT4D) in Africa. It takes as its starting point a representative sample of funding institutions and maps their ICT4D programs and initiatives in Africa against a backdrop of countries, regions and themes. It also makes an attempt to identify the organisations with which these development institutions partner, and in what areas these partnerships occur.

The result is currently not a comprehensive inventory, but an illustration of the potential of using geographic, thematic and partnership information to not only provide an inventory or a snapshot of ICT4D activity in Africa, but to begin to see trends in terms of emerging themes, in terms of countries and regions of specialisation, in terms of partnerships, etc.

Visit: ICT4D Africa Scan