Mobile Web Design: Tips & Techniques (Technical)

December 20, 2005

Web Designers everywhere are taking a break.

Sometime about 5 years ago people began to realize the frustrating limits of web development because the existing standards were so poorly followed by existing browsers. It was something like what Frost said about "poetry without rhyme is like playing tennis without a net."

Which is to say, no fun at all. Online communication has progressed steadily since then, and now we have wonderful fruits like "AJAXy goodness" and other Web 2.0 technologies to reap. So take a break from griping about Netscape vs. Internet Explorer.

But Google Maps (etc.) being accomplished, we're looking for ever greater technologies. The next frontier of web development is the mobile browser — the web in a cell phone.

The concept of the mobile web has been huge this year, and it is now taken as a fact that most internet users in the next 5 years will be getting online for the first time through their cell phones.

And so, with that in mind, here's a great series of articles from designer Cameron Moll that looks at the background of the mobile web and explores the specifics of developing +designing reliable, readable sites for really, really small screens.

How do we designers and code slingers cope with the current state? What slings and what doesn'? This article attempts to present technical advice on a superficial level.

Mobile Web Design: Tips & Techniques ~ Authentic Boredom