Updated Tactics for Making Your Information Findable

December 20, 2005

This kind of stuff is (Search Engine Optimization, or SEO) is relevant to every website, but I think that nonprofits and do-gooders can use it the most. Here's a chance to brush-up, as the rules change slightly every day.

Yaro Starak has written an in-depth review of The 8 Essential Things You REALLY Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization, a CD where Brad Fallon talks about ways of improving search engine rankings. The review is split into two parts: The 80/20 Of Search Engine Marketing - Part 1, which contains on-page SEO techniques, and The 80/20 Of Search Engine Marketing - Part 2, where off-page techniques are discussed.

The point is this:

  1. Title Tags
  2. Keyword Density
  3. Site Structure
  4. Internal Links
  5. Links and PageRank
  6. Page Reputation
  7. Anchor Text
  8. Link Popularity

Via: 8 essential search engine marketing techniques | 456 Berea Street