Google's Librarian Newsletter Offers New Explanation of Pagerank

December 30, 2005

Google has a new librarian's newsletter that offers a nice clear (and brief) look at how their rankings work.

Nice to see a little bit of transparency from the behemoth Google, which is known to be more than a little secretive about its algorithms.

This doesn't actually, clear things up entirely, but it is Google's clearest, simplest explanation yet of how things work.

Being visible on the web is essential for anyone with good information to share. If you're a nonprofit, activist, artist, or otherwise a force for good, you should know how to make your website prominent.

From the introduction:

One of the most common questions we hear from librarians is "How does Google decide what result goes at the top of the list?" Here, from quality engineer Matt Cutts, is a quick primer on how we crawl and index the web and then rank search results. Matt also suggests exercises school librarians can do to help students.

Read the newsletter: Google Librarian Center