Internationalizing your Web Site

December 30, 2005

Not that I have followed any of this advice yet, but here's a thoughtful article about preparing websites for an international audience from Molly Holzschlag:

Despite the fact that the Web has been international in scope from its inception, the predominant mass of Web sites are written in English or another left-to-right language. Sites are typically designed visually for Western culture, and rely on an enormous body of practices for usability, information architecture and interaction design that are by and large centric to the Western world.

There are certainly many reasons this is true, but as more and more Web sites realize the benefits of bringing their products and services to diverse, global markets, the more demand there will be on Web designers and developers to understand how to put the World into World Wide Web.

The entire article: 24 ways: Putting the World into "World Wide Web"