Where Does Your Favorite Organization Fit?

January 23, 2006

From Emily's World comes an updated rundown of the "digital divide" among nonprofits.

Where does your nonprofit fit?

1. This group has added a blog, rss feeds, and/or podcasts to their website. 2. This group has a well designed website. They are familiar with emerging technologies and are looking into ways to add them to their website. 3. This group has had a website for years. They are up to date with web design. They have heard about emerging technologies but do not understand them. 4. This group has a website, but there is still room for improvement. They have an updated website, but they are ready to redesign their site and add more content to it. They do not know anything about emerging technologies. 5. This group has a website but it lacks usability and has not been updated in years. 6. This group does not have a website. They do not know how a website can help their organization.

Now, what are you going to do about?