Getting Real

March 06, 2006

My favorite non-open-source software company published a book today, and I think it's likely that it will do quite well. Considering the fact that they practically have their little Web-2.0 paws up the proverbial skirt of every well-intended, moleskine-toting geek in the blogosphere ... I think the fact that they're asking $20 for a PDF will be looked upon as a delightful novelty.

Paul GrahamI mean, I love campfire and all, but you could've at least published with Call me a crufty bibliophile, but this doesn't seem like a great advance for D.I.Y. publishing.

After, the real barons of dot com publish all their writing online and get a hardcover book deal from O'Reilly.

Getting Real: The smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application