Tux is dead-ish

January 05, 2007

I think that Tux Magazine started a couple of years ago.

For a number of reasons--not all financial--the model we had built for TUX was not sustainable. At this point, a group of us who were involved in TUX are tossing some ideas around. Where it will go we are not sure but let me assure you that enough of us feel TUX needs to exist that we will try our best to come up with, as they say, "Plan B".
Their goal was to server the "new Linux user," with glossy color articles about installing the latest KDE, understanding the differences between the various distros, and getting your new printer to work with Ubuntu.

It was an interesting niche that seemed really promising. (Several other Liunx magazines exist, but are written more for the hardcore geeks.)

Alas, just before their 21st issue, they have just announced that they are closing down.

I wonder what this means for the state of the Open Source OS in 2007?