The last mile wikipedia launches

January 31, 2007
moulin, the brainchild of Geekcorps volunteers Frederic Renet and Renaud Gaudin, started off as a side project of Geekcorps' Last Mile Initiative. Frederic and Renaud quickly developed an initial prototype of the system to run on a Nokia 770. Excited by the potential of making Wikipedia more widely accessible, Renaud volunteered for a second tour with Geekcorps and developed the current version of moulin which can be run off a CD.
Moulin 612.ThumbnailCongrats to Geekcorps on developing a 400,000+ article no-images version of the wikipedia that fits snugly into a CD. The project is called moulin. I think the approach is audaciously simple, useful and humanitarian. And obviously lo-bandwidth friendly, once you've got a copy. Way to go!