Genocide vs. Gadgets

June 15, 2007

I've never seen gadget hype reach the levels that have been achieved by the iPhone. And I've never been so caught up in it myself. After visiting I've decided that I'm giving my iPhone budget to Amnesty International: $50 a month over the next year.

In the culture jamming spirit I spliced an iPhone ad into one of the arresting images from the book Darfur: Twenty Years of War and Genocide in Sudan. I'm not anti-iPhone in particular: I just want to remind folks (especially myself) that there are more important things to focus on than the gadgets being thrust in your face.

If you have the luxury of a budget for consumer electronics, why not consider putting just a percentage of it toward something like an anti-genocide campaign?

[image: The Kalma Camp, Darfur, by Pep Bonet/Panos Pictures and the iPhone by Apple Inc. Used without permission: Please don't sue me.]