Education is the only permanent social change

April 11, 2008

I've felt for a long time that education is the most important vehicle for social change. I mean, really how else does anything actually get done? You've got to have some kick ass teachers along the way, or you're gonna be a vegetable. And vegetabledom happens to entire societies. Watch out.

So I'm a little depressed that I don't get to work directly in the education sector anymore — I used to have a great time working on educational evaluation projects, and for a time I was a mentor. Now I'm a full time geek staring at an LCD, and I don't so much ever get the thrill of seeing kids make the grand connections. (read: manipulating young minds, bwah ha ha.)

Anyway, just watched a great TED video from Dave Eggers. Give it 20 minutes and tell me if you don't want to sign up to be a volunteer. It's a hilarious talk anyway, even if you hate kids.