The Unevenly Distributed Future (of Mobile Application Design), Visualized

June 13, 2008

Intel produced this fantastic map yesterday at the 2008 Research@Intel Day. Red countries have higher rates of technology adoption. This is really valuable data for thinking about how to influence the adoption of technology, and for thinking about the ICT4D political spectrum in more than two shades of grey (or red and orange I guess). I think anyone who reads about this kinda stuff already has some vague map like this in their head. The only real surprise is how slow, relatively, the US is (I guess South Africa being flat is a surprise too). But the country-by-country resolution here adds such a valuable data point to the conversation about the BoP and the overall role of technology in the developing world. (It's also a pretty damn good crystal ball on the future distribution of economic development). I want one for my wall.