Thursday Morning TV

June 26, 2008

Actually this is better than Thursday morning TV, which, in my hometown at least, was pretty weak. This stuff is amazing.

  1. First some of the best nonprofit advertising I've ever seen.
  2. Second a great bike water filter pump.
  3. Lastly a favorite app redesigned.


(more type video if you're into it)

And the bike:


The wacky bike was designed by IDEO people — I'm also impressed with their recent riff on the magazine quiz (maybe think madlibs): A Rockefeller sponsored guide to creating social impact with your design firm.

And the App:

FrontlineSMS is a thoroughly wonderful idea in many ways ... I mean, if you're into international rural research with mobile phones. A tool worth watching very closely, it's what I think is the leading platform of the mobile research "industry". (if there is such a thing.)

They just released a major new milestone and have bunch of great new branding. Great work, Ken!

frontline interface