Ushahidi for the iPhone

September 18, 2008

Update: The Ushahidi team has released a strong new open source iOS codebase.

After a few months of work, we have gotten a new wireframe of the mobile app running on the iPhone.

[ "Ushahidi: Crowdsourcing Crisis Information"]

Lately I've been volunteering a little bit for Ushahidi. Ushahidi is an open source tool for monitoring crises and disasters. It recently won the the NetSquared challenge and was called one of the top startups to watch in the MIT Technology Review. Man, I really don't have to give up anything to work on this one — it's really a top notch operation going on. Other nonprofit and open source teams could learn a lot from the Ushahidi project.

Some of the amazing things about the Ushahidi project include:

  • Participatory design. Everyone is invited to comment on these designs and hack on the psd files we created.
  • <li>Rapid prototyping. (Really rapid: the first version of the app was built in a weekend.)</li>
    <li>The application is completely open source. </li>
    <li>It's a platform, not a web application: you can get the code and extend it for your own uses.</li>
    <li>Strong user-centered design principles.</li>
    <li>Great attention to detail in the design and insistence on top-notch interfaces (including the marketing website and the admin pages of the application).</li>

Anyway here's the latest mockup. Here's the latestsource PSD. It's v0.2 and still has a long way to go. We did the iPhone app first and will be using lessons learned from this one to port the project to other platforms.


I did most of the sketching and developed the concepts that were flying around, and then my man Joe Jones did all the real work in Photoshop. It's been a really fun time so far and I am looking forward to implementing some of the changes being discussed on the Ushahidi blog.

Also make sure you check out some of the geniuses behind the project:

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