September 29, 2009

I have been keeping track of things that are interesting on Delicious for some time now.

Here're my top tags from September 2009 in case you are interested in checking out my Delicious feed.

    <li>design 425</li>
    <li>development 174</li>
    <li>ux 172</li>
    <li>programming 166</li>
    <li>opensource 149</li>
    <li>ui 148</li>
    <li>for_meedan 118</li>
    <li>usability 114</li>
    <li>journalism 96</li>
    <li>mobile 95</li>

I am working on several projects that use tags in slightly different ways, involving other specialized "social bookmarking" applications. I will post a note here when those feeds are ready! My current development activies (as a frontend coder and interaction designer) will be released over the course of 2008 at and